H.264 Codec Cards

Matrox M264 Series

The m264 family of H.264 Codec Cards

Instant density and quality boost for H.264 encoding and decoding

Matrox® M264 family of PCI Express® cards features hardware-based multi-channel 8- and 10-bit H.264 encoding, decoding and transcoding capabilities. They provide an instantaneous H.264-quality and density boost offering the pristine quality needed for broadcast contribution, production and distribution. With the capability for up to four channels of 4K XAVC encoding/decoding in a single-slot card, the M264 family enables OEMs to provide multi-channel 4K production servers in a PC platform. Supporting the H.264-based Sony® XAVC and Panasonic AVC-ULTRA mezzanine codecs, it makes live 4K production as easy as today’s XDCAM HD workflows in PC platforms.