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Tips and Techniques

This section provides tutorials to help you get more out of your Matrox RT.X100 Xtreme Pro.

The tutorials illustrate features of the RT.X100 Xtreme Pro you may not be aware of, such as how to create certain special effects.


Creating a realtime typewriter effect
This tutorial shows you how to create characters appearing on-screen one at a time in a staccato manner until the completed sentence is revealed.


Edit on your laptop, finish on Matrox RT.X
This tutorial shows you how to correctly configure an Adobe Premiere Pro editing station for use with a dedicated Matrox RT.X finishing station.


Using Frame Hold to create photographic effects
This tutorial explains how you can use Adobe Premiere Pro's Frame Hold command in combination with several other effects to create a realtime sequence in which frames of motion video transform into animated pictures -- a prelude to Enhancing your photographic effects.


Enhancing your photographic effects
Learn how to add a photo border to the still video clip you created in the Using Frame Hold for photographic effects tutorial. Also learn how to simultaneously fly the photo border and video clip off the screen.


Using Matrox MediaTools to create instant projects
Using Matrox MediaTools and the Automate to Timeline command in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can quickly and easily create instant projects.


Creating sequences of effects using the razor tool
Using the razor tool in Adobe Premiere Pro, learn how to create complex sequences of effects by splitting clips.


Highlighting an area of interest
Learn how to combine realtime colorization and cropping to highlight a particular area of interest in a clip.


Applying a page curl to a title
All Matrox realtime effects can be applied to either video or graphics. Learn how to create a title with Adobe Title Designer and apply a realtime page curl -- a prelude to customizing your effect using keyframes.


Adding more organic effects
150 top-rated, industry-standard organic wipes from Pixélan Software™ are bundled with your Matrox RT.X system. To further expand the range of realtime organic effects in your Matrox RT.X system, visit Pixélan Software.

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