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Tested sound cards

Please find below a list of tested sound cards for use with a Matrox RT.X system.

Important notes
Be sure to check the individual compatibility details for the motherboard or system of your choice to see which display cards and sound cards were tested with it, as well as to read about any known issues.
All the tested sound cards below are DirectSound-compatible. If you don't have one of these sound cards, make sure that your card is DirectSound-compatible before using it with your Matrox RT.X system.

Manufacturer Card Model
Creative Sound Blaster Live!
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy / Audigy 2 / Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro / Audigy 4 Pro
Creative Sound Blaster Extigy
Hercules Hercules Game Theater XP
Hercules Hercules Fortissimo II / Fortissimo III
Turtle Beach Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
PhilipsPhilips Acoustic Edge

The following sound cards are incompatible for use with Matrox RT.X.
Manufacturer Card Model
C-MediaOnboard High Definition Audio (CMI9880)
Hercules Hercules Muse XL
M-AudioAll cards All models

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