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DV-1394 device compatibility

Matrox RT.X uses the Microsoft Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) driver for its DV-1394 support. OHCI is a specification that defines how 1394 devices interface with a PC host. Therefore, all DV-1394 devices (DV/DVCAM and Digital 8) that are OHCI-compliant should also be supported on your RT.X system.

General notes
Windows XP Service Pack 1 contains important updates for recognition of DV-1394 devices, and therefore must be installed.
Check with the manufacturer of your DV-1394 device to see if it is OHCI-compliant, or for any compatibility updates.
Make sure that the input of your DV-1394 device is set to DV, 1394, FireWire, or iLink (the name varies from device to device) in its menu. For more information, see the documentation for your DV-1394 device.
Some PAL devices may have their DV-1394 input disabled by the manufacturer of the device. Please verify with your vendor for details.
Set your camcorder to either Camera Mode (to capture live video), or VTR Mode (to capture from tape or record material onto DV tape). When in Camera Mode, make sure that the cassette compartment is empty to avoid possible auto-shutdown of the camera.
To use DV-1394 device control, your DV-1394 device must be set to Remote or VTR Mode (not Local Mode).
Your DV tapes must contain continuous and consecutive time code, and all material on the tape must be recorded at the same speed.
The "24p mode" available on some DV-1394 devices is not supported with Matrox RT.X. Make sure your device is not set to this mode.
When using analog tapes (Video8 or Hi8) in Digital 8 devices, performing a capture or export to tape over the 1394 interface is not supported. If you want to use analog tapes in your Digital 8 device, you'll have to capture or export through the analog connections of your RT.X breakout cable.

Get the latest DV-1394 device presets
Matrox includes presets for many DV-1394 devices that you can use to obtain frame-accurate export to tape. Click here for a list of the latest DV-1394 device presets that are available for you to download.

Device-specific considerations
Click here for DV-1394 device-specific comments and configuration details.

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