Matrox Video Products Group: Licenses

Storage recommendations

To support dual-stream realtime editing with Matrox RTMac, your hard drive must sustain transfers at a rate of at least 12 megabytes per second (12 MB/sec). Virtually all hard disks manufactured within the last year should be acceptable for use with RTMac, as long as they have a rotational speed rating of at least 5400 R.P.M. and are capable of sustaining at least 12 MB/sec transfers. SCSI drives may also be used for realtime editing with RTMac, as long as they meet the same minimum transfer rate. As a rule of thumb, we recommend you only fill your disks to 80% capacity, since filling a hard disk entirely can degrade performance.

The Ultra ATA* drive that came with your Power Mac G4 meets the minimum system requirements for realtime editing with the RTMac. However, to ensure optimum performance, we recommend that you use a separate dedicated drive for your video/audio storage.

Note: Our tests have shown that 1394 hard drives are not capable of sustaining the data transfer rates that are needed for editing with the RTMac.

* Ultra ATA is also referred to as Ultra DMA, Enhanced IDE, or ATA-66/100, depending on the specifications and capabilities of the storage device.

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