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RTMac - Hardware related FAQs

Matrox RTMac will not work with the original Power Mac G4 that was first introduced to market, sometimes referred to as "Power Mac G4 (PCI graphics)". The easiest way to tell if you have a "first generation" Power Mac G4 is by the fact that it only has PCI slots, and there is no AGP slot. This PCI-only motherboard has performance characteristics that are NOT SUITABLE for use with Matrox RTMac.
Matrox has not certified RTMac for use with the Power Mac G5. Although some limited testing shows that it can work with the RTMac driver version 4.1, problem-free operation cannot be guaranteed and as such, the Power Mac G5 is not supported.

The Matrox RTMac PCI card has a standard 15-pin VGA output connector so you can connect a VGA monitor to it. Your primary monitor is connected to the AGP graphics card that came with your Power Mac G4. A secondary monitor connects to the RTMac card. You configure your monitors in the Display preference pane. The AGP card used for primary monitor support must be the model that Apple supplied with your Power Mac G4.

Note Current Apple displays use a proprietary Apple Display Connector (ADC). They cannot be connected to Matrox RTMac, which has a standard 15-pin VGA connector.