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Software RT2500 FAQs

Matrox Video Tools 3.1 introduces several important enhancements to Matrox RT2500. These include multi-language support, Matrox TurboDV™ export engine, Intel Pentium 4 support, Windows XP and Windows 98 SE support, independent display drivers, a new audio mixer, and new colorization settings.

Registered RT2500 users can download Matrox Video Tools 3.1 from the RT2500 Software section. This update is more than 200 MB in size, which will require many hours to download if you don't have high-speed Internet access. It's available as one large downloadable file or several smaller files that you can download and then reassemble with a supplied batch file.

If you don't wish to download the files, you can purchase a multiple-CD package containing all the new Matrox Video Tools software, utilities, and documentation from our online store at a minimal price to cover shipping and handling charges. The CD package also includes an updated version of Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE. More information on this can be obtained in the RT2500 Software section.

The Matrox Video Player is a convenient utility that lets you play back Matrox audio/video files directly on your computer's monitor and your video monitor at full frame rate.

No. Matrox Video for Windows codecs can be installed on a computer that doesn't have the RT2500 hardware installed. These software codecs provide frame-by-frame playback of DV and MPEG-2 files at full video resolution. Full 30 fps frame rates can be achieved depending on the speed of the host processor. This allows you to view RT2500 files without the need for special hardware.

Matrox RT2500 comes bundled with Video for Windows software codecs that let you run multiple Video for Windows applications concurrently. These Video for Windows applications include compositing and animation packages such as After Effects and 3D Studio MAX.

Yes. In the Preferences option of Inscriber TitleExpress, you can select Use Custom IME. This option lets you edit double-byte characters directly on the TitleExpress workspace, assuming you have the appropriate version of the operating system.

New RT2500 users will receive Sonic Solutions DVDit! LE version 2.5.1 with their Matrox RT2500.

If you currently have an older version of DVDit! LE, you can download version 2.5.1 (full install) from the Matrox RT2500 software updates area. If you wish to receive version 2.5.1 of DVDit! LE on CD-ROM, you can order the latest Matrox Video Tools CD, which includes Sonic Solution DVDit! LE 2.5.1 directly from Matrox at a minimal price to cover shipping and handling charges.

RT users that own DVDit! SE or PE must contact Sonic to get an updated version.

For more information on DVDit! updates, see the 'Utilities and fixes' page in the RT2500 Software section of our web site.

Matrox RT2500 has been tested and approved for use with Adobe Premiere 6.0, but it's also usable with Premiere 5.1c. Although you may see a warning about the need to upgrade to 6.0 when installing RT2500, the software has been reported to be fully functional when used with Premiere 5.1c.