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Pro Pack features RT2500 FAQs

PRO Pack brings five important new professional features from the high-end Matrox DigiSuite product line to RT2500. It provides the productivity features most requested by users, including a WYSIWYG plug-in for Adobe After Effects, new realtime blur and mask effects, advanced keyframe control for all realtime effects, and Matrox MediaExport for batch encoding web streaming files.

PRO Pack users also have access to free downloadable effect add-ons such as ripples, twirls, mesh warps, cubes, and lens flares.

PRO Pack is now bundled with RT2500 at no charge.

PRO Pack may be purchased by all other RT2500 and RT2000 users at $99 US in North America. It is available through Matrox authorized resellers worldwide.

The Matrox blur effect lets you simulate camera defocus or create unique fader effects in real time using either video or 32-bit TGA graphics. Graphic clips can be attenuated with a specific color during a blur to create a subtle halo effect. The blur intensity is keyframeable, which lets you adjust the blur over time. Clips that are blurred can also be positioned, rotated, or sized in any dimension and cropped simultaneously.

With the new Matrox mask effect, you can use any 8-bit gradient TGA image to create a cutout shape that's textured with video. The mask, combined with the realtime DVE engine, lets you create stunning effects such as colored spotlights, soft-edged frames, or flying video logos textured with video in real time. You can also apply a realtime shadow to the mask, and position the shadow anywhere in 3D space.

With Matrox PRO Pack, additional keyframeable settings, such as page curl radius and angle, particle gravity and dispersion, and DVE border type are now available. These customizable settings give you a new level of creative freedom when working with the extensive array of 2D and 3D effects available in the RT2500/RT2000 effects library.

You can also create and save icons for the effects you want to include in your own effects library. Each icon you create is associated with your custom effect and available from the Effect list.

Matrox MediaExport, which is included with Matrox PRO Pack, speeds up web video creation by providing hardware-assisted simultaneous batch encoding of Windows Media and RealMedia streaming formats with multiple resolutions, bit rates, and frame rates.

With Matrox PRO Pack, the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) plug-in lets you see your work directly on a broadcast video monitor or television set when using Adobe After Effects. This lets you ensure proper 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio in NTSC or PAL, and check for exact color temperature, safe-title area, and any interlaced artifacts that may be present in your images.