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Hardware RT2500 FAQ

There is a list of validated systems, motherboards, and BIOS versions under the system recommendations section of this web site.
After installing Matrox Video Tools 3.1, you'll see the Matrox Audio Mixer on your taskbar. You can use the Matrox Audio Mixer to adjust the level for playback or recording of your clips from the Timeline in Adobe Premiere.
With Matrox Video Tools 3.1, you can now update the display driver for your Matrox display card with a newer version from the Matrox Graphics web site, which lets you use the latest PowerDesk features. Previous versions of Matrox Video Tools did not allow you to update your Matrox display driver.

Intel Pentium 4 systems are now supported for use with Matrox Video Tools 3.1.

For more information about compatible Pentium 4 motherboards and computers, see the RT2500 System Recommendations section of our support web site.

The Celeron and K6 family of processors are not supported.

Athlon-based systems that appear on our lists of supported motherboards and systems are supported.

The RT2500 does not make the RT2000 obsolete. RT2000 offers the same great functionality when you add Matrox Video Tools 3.0 or later that's a free download from our web site. There's no need to 'upgrade' to RT2500.
Most hard drives and controller cards manufactured in the past year should be suitable for use in your Matrox RT2500 system. For more information on storage recommendations, and a list of any devices we've found to be unsuitable for use with RT2500, see system recommendations in the RT2500 Customer Support section of this web site.
Yes. To ensure that your system is properly configured for realtime playback, your video clips should be stored on a drive other than your system drive. This drive should meet the performance requirements listed on our web site.
Yes. You can install any of the supported dual-monitor AGP display cards for use with Matrox RT2500. For example, you can install a Matrox Millennium G550 PCI card, which lets you edit in Adobe Premiere on multiple computer monitors with simultaneous video output display on an NTSC or PAL monitor.

Yes, a graphics card is required. Matrox RT2500 should work with most graphics cards, but we recommend the Matrox Millennium G550. The Millennium G550 is fully optimized for use with Matrox RT2500, and also provides dual-display output for your Adobe Premiere projects without the need for a secondary PCI graphics card.

To determine whether your graphics card is compatible with Matrox RT2500, please consult our support pages.

No. With Matrox RT2500, all audio is monitored through the RT2500 breakout cable while editing in Adobe Premiere. You will need a sound card only if you want to hear your regular Windows system sounds, or to hear sounds from other applications that you might use on your computer.