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Compatible sound cards

This section provides a list of sound cards tested by Matrox and determined to be compatible with Matrox RT2000 MEGA Pack (Matrox Video Tools 2.0). It includes only those cards tested by Matrox at the present time, and is not intended to be an exhaustive list. You can use a sound card that's not on this list, but be aware that it may not work correctly with your RT2000 system. Matrox will continue to test other cards, so please check this list frequently for updated information. There is also a list of incompatible sound cards that will be regularly updated.

Important   To ensure that your compatible sound card works correctly with Matrox RT2000, you must install the latest Matrox Video Tools software, available in the RT2000 downloadable files section.

Compatible sound cards
Model Card revision Driver version
Sound Blaster AWE64 Value 1 4.37
Sound Blaster PCI128 CT4750 4.06
Sound Blaster Live! MP3+ CT4760 4.06
Sound Blaster Live! Platinum CT4760 4.06
Sound Blaster Live! Value OEM N/A 2.1
Sound Blaster Live! X-Gamer CT4760 4.06
Turtle Beach
Montego A3D Xtreme A00 4.05.1130
Monster Sound MX300 A 1.02

Incompatible sound cards
Model Card revision Driver version
Creative 128 OEM N/A N/A
Creative Vibra N/A N/A
Sound Blaster PCI128 CT4700 N/A
Sound Blaster PCI128 CT4810 N/A

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