Matrox Video Products Group: Licenses

System Recommendations

Please note The following sections contain information on equipment that has been tested for compatibility with the Matrox RT2000. Systems and devices are added on a regular basis, so please check back often for the latest updates.

Minimum system requirements

Read our minimum system requirements for acceptable RT2000 performance.

Validated computer systems

Check our list to make sure your computer system is approved for use with Matrox RT2000.

Validated motherboards

Check our list to make sure your motherboard is approved for use with Matrox RT2000.

Compatible secondary PCI display cards

Find out how to set up certain display cards with RT2000.

Compatible 1394 devices

View our list of tested 1394 devices to ensure that you have a recommended deck and camera.

Storage recommendations

View our general storage recommendations as well as a list of any devices we've found to be unsuitable for use with RT2000.

Compatible sound cards

Check our list to see which sound cards are compatible with Matrox RT2000.

Environmental directives (RoHS and WEEE)