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Welcome to Matrox Monarch EDGE Support

The Monarch EDGE support page provides a basic list of requirements. For a detailed description of the Matrox Monarch EDGE and its features, consult the Matrox Monarch EDGE User Guide.

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows 10

Other operating systems may work but have not been fully validated through internal testing. Before trying another operating system, please contact with any questions.

Requirements for accessing and using the Matrox Monarch EDGE

  • An Ethernet port (“LAN”, 100/1000 Base-T).
  • The latest version of Microsoft .NET Framework is required to run the Monarch EDGE firmware updater and Monarch EDGE Control Hub, as well as, to identify Monarch EDGE devices on a network.

Prerequisites for updating Matrox Monarch EDGE firmware

  • Stop all encoding processes on your Monarch EDGE devices.
  • Close Monarch EDGE Control Hub if it is running.
  • Make sure you have at least 1 GB of free disk space available.
  • Use only one instance of the firmware updater on your network at a time.
  • It is recommended to have a DHCP-enabled network, and that your server maintains the IP address of a device when it reappears on the network after a reboot. If not, Monarch EDGE will boot with a randomly-assigned link-local address somewhere between to
  • Make sure the Monarch EDGE Control Hub version on your computer matches the firmware version of the Monarch EDGE.
  • If your system doesn’t have access to a DNS server, use a fixed IP address (such as local host – as its DNS server. Otherwise, the firmware update process may take a long time to complete.

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