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Discreet 3D Studio MAX

Latest supported version/update: 6.0 with patch
Download location: N/A
Recommended driver version: DigiUtils 7.1


DigiSuite plug-ins for 3D Studio MAX version 3.0 and later are available with DigiUtils 4.0 and later. (DigiUtils 3.0 supports up to version 2.5 of 3D Studio MAX.)

3ds max 6.0 plug-in

This version of the DigiSuite plug-in for 3ds max is required to support 3ds max version 6.0. For details on how to use the plug-in, see your Matrox DigiSuite User Guide.

  1. Download the following files to your 3ds max Plug-ins folder on your computer (for example, c:\Program Files\3dsmax6\Plug-ins).
  2. Rename the file Avi.bmi to Avi.bak (can be found in the 3dsmax6\Stdplugs folder).
Mtx3DSMaxMonitorPlg6.bmi 137 KB - February 20, 2004
Mtx3DSMaxPlg6.bmi 277 KB - February 20, 2004
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