Matrox Video Products Group: Licenses

Minimum system requirements

The following recommendations provide good performance when using DigiSuite DTV/LE/LX MAX in most situations. Some software packages may have additional or different requirements.

DigiSuite MAX components require a computer with the following system configuration:

  • Dual Intel Pentium III CPUs, 733 MHz or higher.
  • 256 MB or more of physical RAM.
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 1, or Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 1 or later.
  • Matrox Parhelia, Millennium G450, G550, P650, or P750 display card.

We recommend Matrox Parhelia and Millennium P-Series - the ultimate display cards for video editing. Please note, however, that video window gamma correction is not supported with the Matrox Parhelia, Millennium P650, and Millennium P750 display cards. As well, these cards are not supported with Incite.

Adding more powerful CPUs and/or more system RAM will provide even better performance. Some software packages may have additional or different requirements, which your Matrox-authorized reseller takes into account when preparing a system quotation.

Environmental directives (RoHS and WEEE)