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Choosing a display card (GPU) for a Matrox Axio LE system (for Adobe CS4)

Matrox Axio LE relies on the power of your system's GPU to process Matrox hardware-accelerated effects (Flex GPU effects). Using today's high-end display cards, most 3D effects will be realtime in SD. In the more demanding HD resolutions, some effects will be realtime while others will be accelerated only.

Matrox Flex GPU effects include:

  • Adobe Motion effect
  • advanced 2D/3D DVE
  • shadow
  • blur/glow/soft focus
  • page curl
  • surface finish
  • pan & scan
  • mask
  • mask blur
  • mask mosaic
  • four-corner pin
  • crystallize
  • lens flare
  • old movie
  • shine
  • twirl
  • impressionist
  • ripple
  • cube
  • most native Adobe Premiere Pro transitions

Validated display cards (GPUs)

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