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Read the story: mobile production truck converts to HD

Mobile production truck converts to HD and Matrox MicroQuad multiviewers come along
for the ride

Jones Mobile Television (JMTV) is a full-service location video production company that serves a wide range of sports, corporate, and entertainment clients. Recently they completed a $3 million USD conversion of their 51' digital expanding production trailer to high definition (HD). Read more

Church Tech Arts Mikes Sessler Reviews Matrox MicroQuad

Mike Sessler of Church Tech Arts takes a look at Matrox MicroQuad Multiviewer and describes how it's the perfect solution for those who need to monitor different feeds on a single HDMI display. He emphasizes MicroQuad’s practicality and its ease of use. Read more

HOWiReview.com Reviews MicroQuad

Chris Childs of HOWiReview.com takes a look at MicroQuad and describes how it can help you take your House of Worship production to the next level. He explains product set up, how to control from a distance, including VU meters, selection box, and label customization. Read more

StudioTech.tv Reviews MicroQuad

Mark Johnson of StudioTech.tv takes a look at the Matrox MicroQuad multiviewer and describes how it fits into his video production workflow. He demonstrates the set up, unit operation, and optional remote control application.
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Shaun Miller at Northview Church Reviews Matrox MicroQuad

And MicroQuad makes 3!

Shaun Miller has already reported on his use of Matrox Convert DVI Plus and Matrox MC-100 at Northview Church. He now also uses the Matrox MicroQuad multiviewer. Read more

Download Matrox MicroQuad Datasheet

Matrox MicroQuad Datasheet

Download the Datasheet

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