Matrox X.mio3 12G

Multi-channel 12G SDI with onboard 4K video processing and HD simulcast
Matrox X.mio3 12G

Matrox X.mio3 12G is a half-length PCI Express card that offers two 12G SDI inputs, two 12G SDI outputs, and two reconfigurable 3G SDI I/Os allowing for 4K and HD simulcast for broadcast production. Multi-channel hardware processing accelerates computation-intensive operations including up/down/cross scaling and compositing for resolutions up-to-4K. The card empowers OEMs to provide small-footprint, one-wire SDI solutions for 4K deployments like production trucks. X.mio3 12G also features 4K compositing and mixing to enable graphics workflows.

Matrox X.mio3 12G is ideal for OEMs who need to create advanced channel-in-a-box systems, video servers, broadcast graphics systems, encoders, transcoders, multi-viewers, switchers and other digital media equipment. This card is supported by the Matrox DSX SDK (Software Development Toolkit). Please refer to the Matrox DSX Developer Products datasheet for information on file I/O, software codecs and CPU effects.

Key features

  • Half-length PCI Express card
  • Up to two 12G SDI inputs
  • Up to two 12G SDI outputs
  • Two re-configurable SD, HD, 3G SDI I/O
  • Frame synchronizers on each input
  • VANC and HANC support for each input and output
  • Analog blackburst reference input (tri-level or bi-level)
  • Onboard multi-channel 4K scaler
  • Onboard multi-layer 4K compositor
  • Live zero-frame delay video and audio mixer
  • Up to16 channels of AES/EBU inputs and outputs
  • Up to eight LTC inputs and outputs
  • One comprehensive SDK for all our developer cards


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Industry Recognition

AVNetworkMatrox X.mio3 12G SDI Card Helps Deploy 4K SDI

AV Network
By AV Network Staff
September 19, 2016
Matrox Video has unveiled the X.mio3 12G multi-channel SDI I/O card with on-board video processing. Designed to help broadcast equipment manufacturers deploy 4K SDI solutions, the X.mio3 12G provides cost-effective options for channel-in-a-box systems, video servers, broadcast graphics systems, encoders, transcoders, multiviewers, switchers, and other digital media equipment needs. Associated Matrox DSX SDK software offers a common API across all Matrox DSX Developer Products, streamlining the production flow.

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Industry Recognition

Creative PlanetGoing the Distance for UFC's First 4K Broadcast for DIRECTV

Creative Planet Network
July 2016
In preparation for their first 4K broadcast on DIRECTV Pay-Per-View, Reality Check Systems (RCS) built a system—comprising a Matrox X.mio3 video card as a crucial element—that would allow UFC to use its existing 2K graphics package and increase the resolution to 4K.

“With more than 40 events annually around the world, our goal is to continuously look for ways to adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape in sports and bring our fans the most enhanced viewing experience," said Craig Borsari, UFC Executive Vice President of Operations.

See how the Matrox X.mio3 enhanced the first 4K broadcast


For more information, please contact a Matrox Sales Engineer