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Kontiki Expands Self-service Enterprise Webcasting Solution with Inclusion of Matrox Monarch HD

Addition of validated, professional video streaming and recording appliance, offered as part of Kontiki Webcaster, helps target new use cases and accelerate adoption

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Kontiki to offer Matrox Monarch HD
professional video streaming and
recording appliance to customers as
part of its Kontiki Webcaster solution.

Sunnyvale, Calif. – September 11, 2014 Kontiki, the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise video delivery, today announced it will be teaming up with Matrox Video to offer the Matrox Monarch HD professional video streaming and recording appliance to customers as part of its Kontiki Webcaster solution. Kontiki Webcaster’s simple to use, interactive platform, combined with Matrox’s “push button” appliance, provides for a powerful, comprehensive, and integrated enterprise webcasting solution.

Simplicity at its Best

Matrox Monarch HD is a simple to use, yet feature-rich video streaming and recording appliance that is priced at an affordable $995. It inserts the highest quality video into every bit, regardless of input source or target bitrate. Combining the power of the built-in H.264 encoder with Matrox’s high-quality deinterlacing and scaling engines produces stunning results.

Matrox Monarch HD features include:

  • Independent recording of high-quality, full-resolution H.264 video as MP4 or MOV files while streaming.
  • Robust and practical design with one-touch stream and record push-buttons, low power consumption, locking power connector, and a fanless design.
  • Easy audience reach with flexible video streaming protocols.
  • SDI support using the Matrox MC-100 SDI-to-HDMI converter.
  • Recording to numerous media types including an SD card, USB drive, or a system drive on a network computer.
  • Presets and profiles for simple configuration.
  • Remote command and control through a simple web page.
  • Monarch HD Control HTTP-based API for integration into third party applications.

“Kontiki Webcaster and Matrox Monarch HD are very complementary,” said Francesco Scartozzi, Sales Director at Matrox Video. “Both solutions offer ease of use, the most in-demand features and a highly attractive price point, as corporate clients like CenturyLink have been discovering.”

Kontiki Webcaster with Matrox Monarch HD Addresses Key Corporate Production Use Cases

  1. Employee Communications via Company All-hands

    Simple to use tools substantially reduce the cost of ownership, freeing budget for other investments. The Matrox Monarch’s budget-friendly cost allows corporations to buy at least 20 appliances for the typical cost of a single, budget-busting encoder. Due to ease of use, companies can deploy more turnkey solutions throughout the enterprise, dramatically increasing employee engagement by enabling more broadcast events, while delivering the ultimate high quality, interactive communications experience and reducing the burden on support.
  2. Remote All-Hands Event

    Reduce the cost and complexity of executive communications while increasing engagement by eliminating the barriers to remotely-hosted events. Typically a significant challenge for production teams is to go “on the road” to do a company/team all-hands event. Most would agree that engagement will increase if more events can be executed “locally”, especially with large, global teams. Now, with the simplicity and low cost of Kontiki Webcaster with Matrox Monarch HD, production teams can offer the ultimate in flexibility without the typical challenges associated with going on the road.

“We are excited about the Kontiki + Matrox solution,” said Nick Vella, Webcast Producer at CenturyLink. “We’ve had great success using both products for large, live video events. In fact, we just completed our quarterly earnings videocast using Kontiki Webcaster and the Matrox Monarch encoder--with over 4500 users.”

“We firmly believe in the equalizing power of self-service enterprise broadcasting solutions,” said Dan Vetras, President and CEO of Kontiki. “The Matrox appliance’s ease of use and low price point are the perfect addition to Kontiki Webcaster, with its simple, economical, yet feature-rich and interactive experience that will accelerate webcasting adoption in the enterprise like never before.” Check out this webinar for more information about how webcasting offers Sure-fire Engagement for Large Groups of Remote Employees.

Check out this webinar for more information about how webcasting offers Sure-fire Engagement for Large Groups of Remote Employees.

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