Avid Editor Delivers Faster with Matrox MAX

Tomas Lindberg is spending a lot less time in front of his Avid Media Composer systems lately, and still getting the same quality and amount of work done, thanks to his Matrox MXO2 Mini and its MAX H.264 encoding accelerator option.

His thriving business, TOLI, near Stockholm, Sweden is a full-service video production company specializing in events such as automobile exhibitions, rock music performances, and weddings. His preference is for HD and multicam shoots where possible, but he still does SD production on occasion too.

"I always use my MXO2 Mini for previewing projects on a third screen. It's great being able to see how my final edits are going to look as I'm working, so there are no surprises at the very end."

"The part of my workflow where Matrox MXO2 Mini with MAX saves me the most time is encoding H.264 from my Mac directly out of Media Composer. Before Matrox MAX, it used to take 6 to 10 times longer to create files for YouTube publishing and client approvals. I recently did a shoot for a rock band that lasted until 3 a.m. When I got home an hour later, I set my system to capture during the night and then did a rough cut over breakfast. Within 45 minutes of completing that rough cut, I had a one hour project encoded in H.264 with Matrox MAX directly out of Media Composer on a USB stick in my pocket and I was back on the road to meet with the band leader. The customer had no idea how difficult that should have been, but Matrox MAX made me a hero that day."

And what does Tomas do with all the time he saves using Matrox MAX? He's out indulging another passion - tooling around in his lovingly restored 1957 Desoto, one of the few left on the planet. Weather permitting, of course.

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