Production of Toronto International Film Festival Documentary Reel Injun streamlined using Matrox MXO2

November 2010 Update - "Reel Injun" Wins Gemini Awards
Reel Injun won the Gemini Award for Best Direction in a Documentary Program and the Gemini Award for Best Visual Research. The film also received the Canada Award for "excellence in mainstream television programming, which best reflects the racial and cultural diversity of Canada by fostering greater awareness among the Canadian public of the multicultural and multiracial nature of the country."

Since the silent film era "Cowboys and Indians" has been a favorite Hollywood theme with Native people consistently portrayed as stoic, unemotional stereotypes and savages. In Reel Injun, Cree documentary filmmaker, Neil Diamond, in conjunction with Rezolution Pictures, an aboriginal-owned production company, tracks the cinematic history of North American Natives. Reel Injun features interviews with native and non-native activists, actors, directors, and filmmakers including Jim Jarmusch, Adam Beach, and Clint Eastwood.

Diamond used a vast array of source material to trace this cinematic journey. While the interviews were shot on HDCAM and XDCAM, the rest of the film used footage in older formats including DVCAM, HDCAM, Digibeta, BetaSP, DV, and DVD. The entire film was finished in uncompressed HD and ProResHQ. "We needed a product that could capture footage from over 80 different sources so it could be woven into a seamless project." said Rev13 Films creative director Tony Manolikakis who worked as technical director, post-production supervisor, and online editor on the film.

"Matrox MXO2 provided me with the unparalleled versatility I needed. No matter what type of footage I was confronted with in the edit suite, I didn't worry, I knew MXO2 could handle it. With its multiple HD/SD SDI inputs and outputs and balanced analog audio I really had everything I needed in a small box." said Manolikakis.

"Also, while some of the color grading and online was done by the National Film Board, I was able to do a good part of it in-house using MXO2 – it really worked well with Apple Final Cut Pro and Color. While preparing elements for the final online in one of our smaller suites, we used inexpensive HDMI monitors which were calibrated like a broadcast monitor using the HDMI controls available from MXO2. Then in the online and grading suite, we used the HD-SDI outputs of MXO2 to feed our high-end monitors. The HDMI calibration was remarkably similar to our high end monitors."

Reel Injun deals with an important and difficult subject, however, with Diamond's colorful narration and humor, the overriding message of the film is actually quite uplifting. Reel Injun has had theatrical distribution across Canada through Domino Films and has been featured at film festivals and screenings including the Toronto International Film Festival. It has also been shown on CBC News Network Passionate Eye and on German and Dutch television.

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