Rev13 Films Preserves Closed Captioning with Final Cut Pro and Matrox MXO2

TV Technology Magazine

by Tony Manolikakis
Online Editor and Colorist

"Matrox MXO2 has become an integral part of our studio.We use it with all the applications in the new Final Cut Studio; for editing, grading, and effects; from RED ONE footage to SD. With the added functionality of reserving high-definition closed captioning, converting HD closed captions to SD line 21 and generating captions using CPC software, it opens up a whole new revenue opportunity, as we can now keep this work in house. It also makes things easier for our clients in terms of scheduling deliverables and minimizing the number of suppliers they need to deal with. As a small studio, we need flexibility and expensive single-purpose hardware is not cost effective. Tools like MXO2 allow us to stay competitive and creative."

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