And MicroQuad makes 3!

By Shaun Miller
Technical Director at Northview Church

Shaun Miller has already reported on his use of Matrox Convert DVI Plus and Matrox MC-100 at Northview Church. He now also uses the Matrox MicroQuad multiviewer.

"I have been doing a lot more consulting with smaller churches (a real passion of mine) recently. Often what I am seeing are churches that want to expand and do more things, but don't have the mega budget to do it. I recently heard a statistic that a church the size of Northview makes up one half of one percent of churches in America. Most churches consist of a few hundred people. I think that is where the beauty of the MicroQuad comes in - it's a quality product that is affordable. It's useful to me at a church of over 5,000 and affordable for a church of several hundred."

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