Multi-Link Holland Discovers Matrox MXO

Just as René Schaap of Connecting Media was finishing a review of the Matrox MXO output device for the Mac for MacFan Magazine, he got a call from a friend at Multi-Link Holland who was in desperate need of editing equipment to help cover a breaking news story at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam.

Dutch National TV needed live coverage and onsite editing, but all of Multi-Link's editing gear was already rented out and in the field. René packed up his Final Cut Pro equipped MacBook Pro and threw the Matrox MXO into the bag, expecting he might have a use for it. He and Marco van Uffelen of Multi-Link Holland jumped into a truck equipped with a satellite uplink and headed to the location.

Camera crews were already coming back with XDCAM footage shot with Sony PDW-530P XDCAM camcorders which were transferred into Final Cut Pro using a Sony PDW-1500 XDCAM deck. Marco quickly edited a promo for the evening news then put together a four-minute package with video clips, voiceover and graphics.

"With one minute to air, we had to make a very fast setup and did not have time to test," said René. "We quickly connected the MXO audio, video, DVI, and USB cables without restarting our MacPook Pro or Final Cut Pro and played out the edited project straight from the timeline to through the MXO, delivering SDI with embedded audio directly into the satellite encoder."

About Connecting Media

Connecting Media specializes in interactive web design, 3D animation, motion graphics, and audio/video production for the internet and E-Learning applications on CD-ROM and DVD, as well as other interactive projects.

Their Media Suite delivers full-service solutions for live webcasts, 2D and 3D animations in HD, DVD authoring, and viral and interactive videos. Their Audio Suite is equipped to handle voiceovers and Dolby 5.1 surround mixing.

About Multi-Link Holland

Multi-Link Holland is a supplier of extremely reliable satellite uplinks and downlinks, serving national and international broadcasters covering news and sport events. They also provide corporate satellite transmissions. Their equipment includes two vans, four mini van's, three trucks, various flyaway sets, special mobile units, and numerous editing systems.

Based in Baarn, close to Utrecht, they are centrally located within Holland and cover all of Europe and beyond.

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