Video Journalist Optimises Workflow Using Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX

When it comes to reporting from the big broadcast tradeshows around the world, Matteo Aliberti, a freelance journalist for Millecanali, the leading Italian publication for professionals in broadcasting and media, turns to Matrox MXO2 Mini to deliver results.

As an additional web-based service to Millecanali readers, Matteo produces video interviews with key players in the industry at exhibitions such as IBC in Amsterdam and NAB in Las Vegas. To get the latest news to his audience as quickly as possible, Matteo searched for a solution that would let him edit in his hotel room and optimise his workflow. "Editing HD video can be quite time consuming, with very large files to handle and I was looking to compress my videos to be uploaded on YouTube, keeping a good balance between quality and rendering time," he said. "It soon became clear to me that Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX was the best fit for my needs. Since I only use Macs, I was very happy about the perfect compatibility with my computer."

"MXO2 Mini MAX does exactly what I need to do in the limited time I have. It's portable, easy to setup and perfectly complements my MacBook Air whilst I'm at home or on the road producing video interviews. My workflow involves shooting video with a JVC camera in HD 1080p .mov format then editing with Final Cut Pro X. I export the finished videos from FCP X as proxy files, encode them in H.264 using Apple Compressor with the Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX YouTube presets, and upload to YouTube. The Matrox MAX encoding is fast and gives me the quality I need."

"As I work around the world reporting live from the main broadcasting exhibitions, time really is of the essence. I need reliable equipment to ensure I get videos edited quickly so I can send them to my colleagues in Milan for publishing online. The more interviews we put online, the bigger the audience we attract to Millecanali's website since our readers are always very interested in the latest news from the shows. This translates into increased advertising revenue for Millecanali and more new editorial initiatives that we can launch for the magazine. The MXO2 Mini MAX gives me the confidence of getting my work done on time without compromising on quality. I'm really happy with the product's features and the new Thunderbolt connectivity capabilities. I was able to continue using the same Matrox device when I upgraded my MacBook, just by getting the new Thunderbolt adapter."

Looking ahead, Matteo said, "I would like to expand my system with the new Matrox MXO2 Dock which will give more connectivity options to my editing suite in a very compact, practical and portable device. In particular, I am looking to add USB 3.0 storage to my MacBook Air and use an HDMI monitor to extend my desktop workspace whilst editing with my Matrox MXO2 Mini MAX."

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