User Report on Matrox MXO2 MAX
by Shah Besri, Creative Director at i-Pixel, Malaysia

“Malaysia Day, or Hari Malaysia, is celebrated on Sept. 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. Celebrations are held across the country, with live coverage broadcast from a temporary studio built at Dataran Merdeka specifically for the day. This year, only the broadcaster, RTM, had access to the live feed from the set, so our company needed an alternative way to capture, edit, and deliver a streaming broadcast of the event for our client, Tourism Malaysia’s “TrulyAsia.TV” website. We knew we could take a feed from the RTM OB truck, but to do so effectively, we needed a mobile capture device and one that could accept an SDI input. We did some research and found the perfect solution: the Matrox MXO2 MAX.

Simplifying the Streaming Workflow

“At i-Pixel we specialize in enabling clients to engage and interact successfully with their target audiences on the Internet, and the MXO2 MAX has become a valuable tool in the effective delivery of video to attract audiences and deliver information. In live streaming applications, speed, versatility, and reliability are essential. The MXO2 MAX meets these requirements, providing broadcast-quality HD/SD video and audio I/Os in an easily portable device. The system’s simple setup and ease of use, along with its mobile functionality and high stability, have made the MX02 MAX an important and reliable addition to our live streaming kit. It also happens to be an attractive piece of equipment, with a sleek design that looks right at home next to a MacBook Pro.”

“For the Hari Malaysia streaming project, we used the Matrox system to record on-site from the RTM OB van, edited that content with our recorded studio footage in Final Cut Pro, and then streamed the result straight from the same system. The compact nature of the two-part solution allowed my technical crew to maneuver with agility, carrying just a MacBook Pro and the MX02 MAX in a backpack. Working once again for TrulyAsia. TV and its Web TV offering, we also have used the Matrox MXO2 MAX with Wirecast software to stream live video from the KL Tower Base Jump 2011. The multiple outputs on the MXO2 MAX allowed us to monitor the same content being streamed via Wirecast.”

“Eliminating the need for conversion prior to editing and supporting, the fast, convenient workflow we built on the MXO2 MAX makes it much easier for our team to capture, edit, and stream video. The Matrox Vetura Playback application has brought added efficiency to our streaming model by enabling us to play exported clips directly from the Matrox system or stream them from Final Cut Pro. Via any Internet connection, we can send small H.264 files to the office or stream them directly to the TrulyAsia.TV website.”

“When we’re not using the MXO2 MAX for live streaming, we use the MAX chip in the office to speed our post-production workflow. Again using the MXO2 MAX with Final Cut Pro, we leverage the system’s H.264 encoding for the export of heavy files, particularly HD video, for our on-demand video services. With MAX encoding, we can realize a 40 or 50 percent faster workflow, which in turn makes our operations significantly more productive.”

Keeping Quality Foremost

“The i-Pixel online video platform and mobile applications have been recognized with an APICTA award for best of tourism and hospitality; with GoMobile InOvation awards for mobile content and application and for best overall application; with a nomination for a Frost and Sullivan Most Innovative Application Provider award; and with a nomination for the World Summit Awards for e-Culture and Heritage.”

“We take pride in providing innovative solutions and quality services, and the Matrox system now plays a fundamental role in our ability to do so. On-time delivery is important in live streaming, and the Matrox MXO2 system has come through for us. With a good Internet connection, we can record straight away and make streaming video available on Web TV within the hour.”

“The efficiencies enabled by the MXO2 MAX in live streaming applications and in other parts of our operations allow us to deliver projects faster than ever before. In our ongoing work as the platform and content provider for Tourism Malaysia’s official Web TV service, we anticipate the Matrox system will continue to facilitate the rapid delivery of streaming from significant cultural events and announcements across Malaysia.”

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