Frank Guertin, Owner of Audio/Video Production Services, Saves Time with Matrox MXO2 LE and MAX

Video industry veteran Frank Guertin founded Audio/Video Production Services in 2009 when he combined resources with a colleague and bought all the video assets and production equipment of the corporate video department that employed him. That same construction and agricultural equipment manufacturer now hires him to produce their training videos, sales promotional spots, product demonstrations, and meeting support materials.

"I shoot with a Sony EX-1 and edit with Final Cut Pro on a 12-core Mac Pro. When I'm traveling I use a MacBook Pro. Matrox MXO2 LE has been an important addition to my equipment list," said Guertin. "I use it for monitoring and to import footage from Betacam tape. Essentially, I now have my edit suite with me wherever I go."

"I'm always searching for ways to increase my efficiency, so when I purchased my MXO2 LE, I made sure that it included the MAX option. My workflow had been bogging down when it came to encoding H.264 files. The Matrox MAX technology drastically reduces the time I spend waiting for Compressor."

"It's great to have so much functionality in one little box. It's really quite simple, my MXO2 LE with MAX provides me with unparalleled quality, speed, portability, and versatility."

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