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Matrox’s MicroQuad Multiviewer Review

Michael Hanish
TV Technology

“Small is good!”

“In so many situations, we as videographers have so much equipment to move about in order to do our jobs. When a product appears that makes life on the shoot easier and doesn’t require another large bag or trip to the truck to carry, this makes life and work that much easier. Matrox’s new MicroQuad is a little box that solves several location monitoring problems handily, providing the capability to view as many as four HD-SDI sources through a connection to a single HDMI monitor.”

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By: Jon Pratchett
November 2012

TV-Bay's Jon Pratchett reviews Matrox MicroQuad in the magazine's November issue.

“Overall I have been impressed with this little unit. I can now monitor 4 HD/SDI inputs with just one HDMI monitor, meaning less kit to carry around and less space taken up. The PC remote control over the unit is the icing on the cake for me. It’s a unit everyone should add to their monitoring kit list.”

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CTW Review: Matrox MicroQuad Multiviewer

By: Mike Sessler
October 5, 2012

We took a quick look at this product at NAB earlier this year, and my friends sent me a sample this summer to play with. If you've been following this blog, you know my summer was a bit, well, busy. I finally got a chance to download the control software, configure my system and give the MicroQuad a run through it's paces.

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MATROX MicroQuad

By: Chris Childs
September 2012


Ah yes equipment reviews. I have always liked to read reviews because when someone can take equipment and run it through some paces, then give me an honest idea if that piece of equipment can fit into my work flow... great! However, what I have noticed is that most of the reviews look at it from a standpoint of a high broadcast stuff.

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StudioTech51: Matrox MicroQuad demo

By: Mark Johnson
September 6, 2012

Mark Johnson of takes a look at the Matrox MicroQuad multiviewer and describes how it fits into his video production workflow. He demonstrates the set up, unit operation, and optional remote control application.

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And MicroQuad makes 3

By: Shaun Miller
Technical Director NorthView Church
August 13, 2012

I have been doing a lot more consulting with smaller churches (a real passion of mine) recently. Often what I am seeing are churches that want to expand and do more things, but don't have the mega budget to do it. I recently heard a statistic that a church the size of Northview makes up one half of one percent of churches in America. Most churches consist of a few hundred people. I think that is where the beauty of the MicroQuad comes in - it's a quality product that is affordable. It's useful to me at a church of over 5,000 and affordable for a church of several hundred.

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