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Matrox MC-100's Loss of Signal Switching Ideal for Streaming

TV-Bay logoTV-Bay's, Jon Pratchett reported on his use of the Matrox MC-100 mini converter in the magazine's October issue.

"I thought it was about time that I gave you all a little update on some of the kit I have been using and testing of the past few months. So here are a couple of updates for you starting with Matrox MC100.

MC-100 ConverterThis little beauty has been in my procession for about a year now. If you don't know it’s a little box that allows you to do things such as HD-SDI to HDMI conversion, HD-SDI switching, multiplexing two HD-SDI signals in to one 3G video feed and monitor 3D HD-SDI Signals in real time. It’s a great little unit to have in your kit. One function I particularly want to highlight here, and something I am constantly using it for now is as a loss of signal switcher.

I do a lot of live streaming and it important that you are always sending something over the air, even if you have an equipment failure. The MC100 has two HD-SDI inputs and two HD-SDI outputs. You can set the unit so that if it loses its signal on one of the HD-SDI inputs it will seamlessly switch to the other input. And it is seamless, no glitching or black frames. I used it recently on a live stream for the new Call of Duty game, that we were sending direct to the Xbox 360 dashboard and it was important that we had this failover system. We also use it on the BroadcastShow LIVE webcast we do once a month. On this event if the main system fails for any reason the MC100 will switch over to a direct Camera/Audio feed allowing us to continue broadcasting while the main systems are sorted. It works really well, and for the sake of this one little unit gives you piece of mind that your broadcast will continue even after a kit failure further down the chain. Definitely worth checking out."

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