Video Streaming and Recording Appliance - Matrox Monarch HD

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The multi-award-winning Matrox Monarch HD offers professional video producers live event streaming and master-quality recording in a single device.

Webcasting with VOD recording

Event producers can easily integrate Monarch HD with their existing professional gear to bring live productions to a larger on-line audience. Monarch HD will stream at a bitrate sustainable by the venue's network infrastructure while simultaneously recording a higher quality version locally for upload after the event has finished.

Stream and Record Lectures

Education facilities can stream their classroom content to their own web server and media delivery platforms to bring their classrooms directly into the homes of their students. The same lectures that are streamed live can be recorded on these same servers at a higher quality and made available in a number of formats immediately after the class or even at the end of the term.


Documenting Legal Proceedings

Video recording and transmission of legal proceedings is easily accomplished with Monarch HD. Whether the source is a live camera or a feed from a teleconference system, Monarch HD can distribute the video to a remote viewer with the aid of a media server or even directly over a LAN if the number of remote viewers is low. High quality versions of the proceedings can be recorded to a local drive such as a USB memory stick and made available immediately after the event to any responsible party in attendance.

Worship Streaming

Houses of worship can easily webcast services by adding Monarch HD to their existing professional video production gear. Monarch HD can be used to live stream to congregants unable to participate in person while simultaneously recording a higher quality version locally for upload after the service. Easily reach your congregation anytime, anywhere.


Read the Workflow samples available for download (PDF format - 1.7 MB).

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