TechSmith Relay and Matrox Monarch

TechSmith RelayDesigned for higher education, TechSmith Relay is one simple cloud solution to capture, create, enhance, manage and share accessible educational videos. Faculty can capture lectures and create video content anywhere on any device, enhance videos with in-video quizzing to test concepts in the moment, add highly accurate, automated captions that meet ADA guidelines, and measure results with detailed analytics to see how students are performing. TechSmith Relay integrates seamlessly with learning management systems and reports analytics or quiz scores directly to the gradebook. Plus, Snagit, Camtasia and TechSmith Fuse share directly to TechSmith Relay, enabling faculty, staff, and students to select the creation tool that best meets their media needs.

TechSmith’s collaboration with the Matrox Monarch LCS enables easy, automated lecture capture in any classroom. Use the Matrox Monarch LCS to capture two HD sources and share videos automatically to TechSmith Relay. The Scheduler automatically starts and stops recordings, and sends the videos directly to Relay for easy sharing without requiring instructor input. TechSmith Relay and the Matrox Monarch LCS together provide scalable flexibility to meet all higher education media needs, including automatically capturing lectures in any classroom; recording short video lessons for flipped and blended learning; developing engaging and interactive videos for online courses; producing training videos for students, staff and faculty; and creating marketing videos to attract new students. Regardless of technology skill level or media use case, TechSmith and Matrox make it easy, effective and measurable.

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