Variety of Operating Modes

Matrox Vision Academy

Matrox Vision Academy provides online and on-premises training for MIL. Online, Vision Academy comprises an on-demand training resource, with a multitude of categorized instructional videos on how to use MIL to create vision applications. Available to customers with valid MIL maintenance subscriptions, as well as those evaluating the software, users can seek out training on specific topics of interest, where and when needed.

On-premises intensive instructor-led training courses are regularly held at Matrox headquarters, and can also be customized for onsite delivery. These courses cover the main aspects of using MIL to develop vision applications. Each course combines lectures—delivered by support and/or development staff—with hands-on labs to get attendees going with either software environment.

Matrox Vision Academy aims to help users increase productivity, reduce development costs, and bring applications to market sooner. For more information, please visit

Variety of Operating Modes

Matrox Vision Squad

Matrox Imaging’s devoted front-line support and applications teams are on call to offer timely product installation, usage, interoperability, and integration assistance matters.

We also offer the assistance of our exclusive Matrox Vision Squad. The Vision Squad’s knowledgeable staff—working closely with MIL tool developers—provides more in-depth support, helping assess application feasibility, recommend best methods, and even prototype solutions for MIL users.

MIL maintenance program

MIL provides registered users automatic enrollment in the maintenance program for one year. This maintenance program entitles registered users to free software updates and technical support from Matrox Imaging, as well as access to Matrox Vision Academy, our online repository of on-demand training resources for MIL. Just before the expiration of the maintenance program, registered users will have the opportunity to extend the program for another year. For more information, please refer to the Matrox Imaging Software Maintenance Programs brochure or visit

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