Circle and ellipse finding3

The GMF tool includes dedicated modes for finding circular and elliptical features such as drilled or punched holes. These modes use the same advanced edge-based technique to locate one or more occurrences of any size including concentric ones. The anticipated radius, the possible scale range, and the number of expected occurrences define circle finding. The anticipated width and height, the possible scale and aspect ratio ranges, and the number of expected occurrences define ellipse finding. Continuous and broken edges lying within an adjustable radial tolerance produce the circles or ellipses. The tool returns the number of found occurrences; for each occurrence, it provides the center position as well as the scale and score relative to the reference. It also gives the radius for circles and the angle, aspect ratio, and width for ellipses. These specialized modes are generally faster and more robust at finding the specific shapes than generic pattern recognition.

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3. Through an update.

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