MIL CoPilot interactive environment

Accessible to MIL users is an interactive environment to facilitate and accelerate the evaluation and prototyping of an application. This includes creating the contexts or configurations for applicable MIL tools like Classification. The same environment can also initiate—and therefore shorten—the application development process through the generation of MIL program code.

Running on 64-bit Windows, MIL CoPilot provides interactive access to MIL processing and analysis operations via a familiar contextual ribbon menu design. It includes various utilities to study images and help determine the best analysis tools and settings for a given project. Applied operations are recorded in an Operation List, which can be edited at any time. An Object Browser keeps track of MIL objects created during a session and gives convenient access to these at any moment. Non-image results are presented in tabular form and a table entry can be identified directly on the image. The annotation of results onto an image is also configurable.

Once an operation sequence is established, it can be converted into functional program code in any language supported by MIL. The program code can take the form of a command-line executable or dynamic link library (DLL); this can be packaged as a Visual Studio project, which in turn can be built without leaving MIL CoPilot. All work carried out in a session is saved as a workspace for future reference and sharing with colleagues.

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MIL CoPilot interactive environment

Matrox Profiler

Matrox Profiler is a Windows-based utility to post-analyze the execution of a multi-threaded application for performance bottlenecks and synchronization issues. It presents the function calls made over time per application thread on a navigable timeline. Matrox Profiler allows the searching for, and selecting of, specific function calls to see their parameters and execution times. It computes statistics on execution times and presents these on a per function basis. Matrox Profiler tracks not only MIL functions but also suitably tagged user functions. Function tracing can be disabled altogether to safeguard the inner working of a deployed application.

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Matrox Profiler application analysis performance tool

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