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Matrox Solios eCL-B

Matrox Solios eCL/XCL-B

Matrox Solios eCL-B is a Camera Link® frame grabber for cost-sensitive applications. Its acquisition capabilities and PCIe® bus interface make the Matrox Solios eCL-B an excellent match for entry-level cameras.

Matrox Solios eCL-B at a glance

  • Handle one Base Camera Link configuration1,2
  • Leverage Power-over-Camera-Link (PoCL) with SafePower
  • Acquire at rates up to 85 MHz3
  • Benefit from a 64 MB acquisition buffer
  • Capture from frame- and line-scan cameras
  • Perform complete image reconstruction from multi-tap cameras2
  • Use the serial communication port mapped as PC COM port
  • Support rotary encoders with quadrature output
  • Program using Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) X (sold separately)
  • Maintain flexibility and choice by way of support for 32-/64-bit Windows® 7/10 and 64-bit Linux®

For more information, please contact 1-800-804-6243, (514) 822-6020, or sales.

1. Refer to Camera Link specifications for more information.
2. Maximum of two zones, up to three taps, and excludes time multiplexing.
3. Support a maximum acquisition rate of 250 MB/s under continuous use.