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Matrox Imaging: VISION expertise the world over

Matrox® Imaging's global network of representatives delivers unique machine vision solutions to OEMs and system integrators worldwide.

Advanced Technologies performed 3D profiling for tire inspection, using the String Reader tool powered by a Matrox 4Sight GPm vision controller.

ClearView Imaging verified ID marks using a Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) application that utilized SureDotOCR®, Geometric Model Finding, and String Reader tools—all powered by a single Matrox Iris GTR.

CRI JOLANTA used a Matrox Iris GTR smart camera and Matrox Design Assistant software to read PharmaBraille text.

Join us to learn more about the capabilities and interoperability of Matrox Imaging hardware and software offerings.

Video length: 4min 31s.

UKIVA Machine Vision Conference 2017 - A Closer Look at Matrox Imaging Software

Join Jason McDonald from the floor of the UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition as he discusses the features and functions of the software environments offered by Matrox Imaging. Take a closer look at Matrox Design Assistant, the flowchart-based software that eliminates the need for coding and allows users to create a custom HMI. Explore how Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) CoPilot supports hands-on evaluation and prototyping of application solutions within the MIL software environment.

Video length: 3min 10s.

Vision 2016 – The Latest Technology from Matrox Imaging

Watch three packaging inspection tasks performed using Matrox Design Assistant 5 software, installed on both the Matrox Iris GTR smart camera and the Matrox 4Sight GPm industrial computer. We also demonstrate how the Matrox SureDotOCR® tool can overcome the challenges of reading dot matrix text. Also, see the latest Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) software combined with a cost-effective Radient eV-CXP frame grabber, create and analyze 3D profiles.

Video length: 4min 17s.

Matrox Imaging at PACK EXPO 2015

Fabio Perelli, Product Manager at Matrox Imaging presents a packaging inspection system created using the Matrox Design Assistant vision software and the Matrox 4Sight GPm vision PC. Brian Durand, President of i4 Solutions, an AIA certified systems integrator demonstrates an automated machine vision inspection system built with Matrox hardware and software as the base.

Video length: 3min 35s.

Matrox Imaging at Automate 2015

Watch Peter Boriero, Product Line Manager and Michael Chee, Product Manager present the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) 3D profiling capabilities, the Matrox Design Assistant 4 integrated development environment, and the Matrox Radient eV-CLHS Camera Link HS frame grabber.

Video length: 7min 11s.

Matrox Imaging at PACK EXPO 2014

Fabio Perelli, product manager at Matrox Imaging, presents Matrox Design Assistant running on the Matrox 4Sight GPm Vision System.
Demo performs 4 inspections using 3 cameras in under 30 milliseconds.

Video length: 2min 16s.

Matrox Imaging at VISION 2014

Peter Boriero, product line manager and Michael Chee, product manager present Design Assistant 4 interfacing with a Denso 2D VGR Robot, the Matrox Imaging Library 3D registration tool and the launch of the Matrox Radient eV-Series of frame grabbers.

Video length: 5min 55s.