What's new

MIL 10 highlights
  New MIL CoPilot interactive environment.   Additional processing primitives3 : wavelets, image orientation, local adaptive segmentation, adaptive equalization and fusion for extended depth of field
  Image content classification using deep learning (CNN) technology3   Matrox Profiler utility
  SureDotOCR3   USB3 Vision™ support3
  Photometric stereo3   Matrox Capture Assistant utility
  Unified calibration of multiple 3D profiling systems3   Enhanced graphical annotations
  3D alignment3   DirectShow® video capture and H.264 encode/decode3 filters
  Shape finding (circle, ellipse, rectangle, line segment)3   32-bit application on 64-bit Windows support
  Color-relative calibration3   Visual Studio® add-on for intelligent code completion and contextual help3
  Enhancements to ID mark reader / verifier3 : decoding of multiple DataMatrix codes, support for Aztec code, etc.   Support for C# / Visual Basic® JIT compilation and CPython scripting3

3. Through an update.