Matrox Profiler

Matrox Design Assistant includes Matrox Profiler, a separate utility to post-analyze the execution of a vision project for performance bottlenecks and timing issues. It presents the flowchart steps executed over time on a navigable timeline. Matrox Profiler permits searching for and selecting specific steps and their execution times for analysis. It computes statistics on execution times and presents these on a per-step basis.

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Matrox Profiler

Matrox Capture Assistant

Matrox Capture Assistant is another separate utility included with Matrox Design Assistant to verify the connection to one or more GigE Vision or USB3 Vision cameras and testing video acquisition. It can obtain GigE Vision and USB3 Vision device information, collect and present acquisition statistics and provide access to acquisition (GenICam™) properties. The gathering and display of statistics can be performed when acquiring within or outside of Matrox Capture Assistant. Matrox Capture Assistant also allows the adjustment of GigE Vision driver settings and provides the means to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

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Matrox Capture Assistant GigE Vision and USB3 Vision3 configuration and test tool

Project Change Validator

Project Change Validator is a utility employing a client-server architecture for ensuring that changes made to a deployed project are not detrimental to the functioning of that project. It provides the ability to record reference images, along with the associated inspection settings and results, for a given project.

This archived reference data is then used to validate changes made to the project. Changes are validated by running the modified project with the reference data and comparing the projects’ operation against this data. Validation is performed by the server—typically running on a separate computer—which is reachable over a network.

The Matrox Design Assistant portal provides access to the validation data for management as well as the validation results. Validation requests are made on demand from the Matrox Design Assistant portal, an automation controller, or an HMI panel.

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Project Change Validator (view from portal)

Project Change Validator employs a client-server architecture to ensure changes made to a deployed project are not problematic for the functioning of that project

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