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Matrox Culture

At Matrox, our culture is defined by our insatiable willingness to continue to prosper and initiate innovation within the high-technology sector. We're a company that strives to maintain the highest regard of corporate responsibility and adhere to respectable business practices and standards.

Our company is closely tied to the efforts of the qualified personnel who uphold our values as proud members of the Matrox team. We respect people, encourage new ideas and diversity, and foster an environment of equal opportunity and growth. These values are the cornerstones of our philosophy and key to our ability to work successfully as a worldwide network.

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Work environment

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Matrox Swimming Pool Matrox Billiards Matrox Volleyball

A unique environment

At Matrox, you will experience a unique work culture, one that is fast-paced, dynamic, and innovative. At Matrox, employees are encouraged to foster new ideas and implement them, to apply their skills, intelligence, and creativity in the workplace, and are rewarded for their efforts.

Our internal promotion policy, training and development programs, and the opportunity for teamwork enable employees to pursue their career objectives, develop their skill set to the highest potential, and create opportunities for career advancement.

Matrox also offers a unique set of programs and opportunities for recent college and university graduates as well as talented people still in school ready to gain valuable 'real world' experience. If you haven't already added your resumé to our bank of candidates, this is the place to launch your own recruiting agent. Let us know about your interests on the form provided. We'll send you an email notice for future job opportunities.

Sport and Recreational Facilities

Early in the morning or at the end of the day, have a swim in our heated pool or workout in our fully-equipped fitness center. Have a picnic or barbecue by the pool, take a walk in the beautiful Bois-de-Liesse natural park located just a few minutes from our offices or join your friends for a game of volleyball or basketball on the premises. If you prefer hockey, Matrox has a NHL size hockey rink. In winter or summer, at Matrox, you can practice your favorite sport or activity. For the dedicated, you can even come to work on a bike or rollerblades (we have on-site showers and locker rooms).

To encourage team activities, we also subsidize organized employee sports teams such as, soccer, baseball and hockey, among others. At Matrox, we provide a sports and recreational environment designed to please everyone.

Benefits and Lifestyle

At Matrox, people are the key to our success and the source of our energy - creative and knowledgeable people from all types of backgrounds, bringing inspiration and new ideas to help us meet tomorrow's challenges. Our benefits plan and resources are designed to help our employees maintain a healthy balance and quality of work life.

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Graph 2 Icon 1 Group Insurance Plan Graph 2 Icon 1 Cafeteria, BBQ and Terraces
Graph 2 Icon 1 Group RRSP Program Graph 2 Icon 1 Flexible Working Schedule and Summer Hours
Graph 2 Icon 1 Training and Tuition Reimbursement Graph 2 Icon 1 On-site Company Subsidized Daycare
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Social Responsibility

As a successful, international high-technology company, Matrox supports many initiatives to improve the quality of life in its community. The company is proud to be involved in promoting activities, and providing assistance to organizations that help thousands of people.

In fact, it is essential for Matrox to support initiatives that make a difference in today's society and economy, while helping to secure the future success of Canada's high-technology sector.


We support and promote education in Canada and feel strongly that it is our duty to ensure the availability of an educated and qualified workforce for the future. Matrox is committed to and actively involved in various educational projects and/or activities.

Yearly Activities

  • Agendas
  • Career Day
  • University Conferences
  • Networking Cocktails


At the request of educational institutions and other organizations, Matrox receives groups for organized tours of our Dorval headquarters. If a group of students or other is interested in our technology, it is also possible to arrange for a Matrox representative to visit the school or organization to give a presentation about our company and our renowned technology.


Matrox also donates computer equipment and makes considerable financial donations to educational institutions to aid them in acquiring and upgrading their systems, thereby improving the quality of learning in our high schools, colleges and universities.

Health & Community

Matrox encourages all employees to actively participate in activities that help improve the lives of others and to give generously to those in the greatest need.


For numerous years, Matrox has participated in the Montreal region Centraide fund-raising campaign. Matrox organizes its own annual campaign to raise awareness of the needs of the less fortunate in our community.

Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation

Matrox is involved in various efforts related to this foundation.

Yearly Donations

Matrox supports the development of its community through financial donations and time to a large variety of charitable organizations and causes such as Cancer Research, Sun Youth, Duck race, and is actively involved in promoting science education in Quebec.


Matrox is committed to supporting global sustainable development through an environmental policy that promotes eco-friendly solutions in product development, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

We have continuously worked on facilitating the waste management of our products by conforming to legislations concerning waste from electrical and electronic equipment, packaging, and batteries.

Matrox also has policies in place that ensure that none of its products or manufacturing processes contain any regulated materials or substances beyond tolerable amounts. These policies include compliance to international and local regulations with regards to controlled substances including, but not limited to, ozone-depleting substances which are regulated under the Montreal Protocol, radioactive materials, designated substances, and other elements that are harmful to the environment.

Matrox will continue to adjust its processes as environmental policies and compliance requirements evolve.

For more information about recycling and waste management of Matrox products, please refer to our Product Waste Management page, or contact us at weee@matrox.com.

For more information about substance control at Matrox, please visit our Controlled Substances page, or contact us at rohs@matrox.com.

Optimization of Operational and Maintenance Practices

Measures to reduce our facility’s carbon footprint include:

  • Increasing operating efficiencies throughout the organization
  • Lowering electrical usage
  • Improving effectiveness of existing staff
  • Optimizing IT operations
  • Decreasing paper usage
  • Reducing landfill waste

Matrox strives to reduce the amount of non-hazardous waste destined for landfill. We do this by reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. Our largest sources of non-hazardous waste include packaging materials such as bubble wrap, polyurethane foam, polyethylene foam and corrugated cardboard. When disposal is required, we ensure that all waste is disposed of responsibly.



Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.

1055 St-Regis Blvd.
Dorval, Quebec, Canada
H9P 2T4
Tel: (514) 822-6000
Fax: (514) 822-6363


International Offices

Matrox Europe Ltd.

Unit 2400, Avenue 2000,
Cork Airport Business Park
Cork, T12 Y2CF, Ireland
Tel: + 353-21-4325-600


Matrox Electronic Systems GmbH

Inselkammerstr. 8
D-82008 Unterhaching
Tel: + 49 89 62170 - 0


Matrox Vite Ltd.

Chaplin House, Widewater
Place Moorhall Road, Harefield
Middlesex UB9 6NS, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0) 1895 827300



About 30 minutes drive from downtown and 15 minutes from the airport.

  1. From downtown Montreal: take Highway 720 (Autoroute Ville-Marie) ouest (west) to Highway 20 ouest (west).
    From P-E-Trudeau Airport: take Highway 20 ouest (west).
  2. Continue west on Highway 20 until the boul. des Sources exit.
  3. Take the boul. des Sources nord (North) exit.
  4. Stay on boul. des Sources and cross the Highway 40 overpass.
  5. At the first traffic lights, turn right on Brunswick Blvd. and continue to Deacon Ave.
  6. Turn right on Deacon Ave.
  7. Turn left on boul. St-Regis.
  8. Continue on boul. St-Regis (approximately 2 km) until Matrox.

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If your accommodation is in downtown Montreal, we recommend allocating a minimum of sixty (60) minutes for the car ride to or from Matrox during peak hours.

If you wish to find accommodations nearby Matrox, please click here for a list of hotels located within a 15-minute drive from Matrox.