Racing Zone

Triple-monitor Surround Gaming — the perfect addition to any race enthusiast's platform

Feel the ultimate racing thrill with Matrox TripleHead2Go. Easily connect three displays to create your own virtual cockpit and push the limits of sim racing immersion.

  • Experience life-like speed as objects whiz by on your left and right displays.
  • See more of the track and time your turns with greater precision.
  • Keep a better eye on opponents and get an edge on their next move.

Racing titles compatible with TripleHeadGo include*:

ARCA Sim Racing
Grand Prix 4
GT Legends
GTR Evolution
MotoGP 08
Nascar Racing
2002 Season
Nascar Racing
2003 Season
Race 07
Test Drive Unlimited
TrackMania Nations Forever
Turismo Carretera
Visit our Supported Games page for a full list of compatible titles.

Preview how your race title will look on three screens

Click on the images below to see the difference TripleHead2Go makes for the various racing view modes:

Cockpit View
Hood View
Bumper Cam
Third Person View

TripleHead2Go Making Headlines...

"Think of how good you can be with three times the field of vision. If you thought that a game could be immersive in 1,280 x 1,024, just imagine how it would feel in an insane 3,840 x 1,024 across three panels!"
"If you want the biggest and baddest rig for gaming, this unit is a must. Chuck in three screens and you will be able to tread the gaming circuit knowing that you see more, experience more and enjoy more than your size-challenged competitors. Get one!"
"[...] you'll be stunned by the surround gaming experience. It's a mountain of fun for any kind of game whether that is a flight-simulator, racing, MMORPG, Strategy or 1st person Shooter. It's an absolutely marvellous experience and comes highly recommended."
"[...] the screen space available (as well as the inclination of the monitors) really does give the impression of being behind the wheel of the race car—the left- and right-hand side rear view mirrors are visible, the track layout appears sharper, and the visual sensations are heightened."
"Thanks to the Surround Gaming support, TripleHead2Go can be used with 3D games [...] delivering the ultimate PC gaming experience to all flight simulations gamers, but also enjoyable in racing and role playing games. (Translated from French)."
"For the most stunning and immersive way to experience your games this is a must." (Translated from Italian)