Supported Games

Connect Matrox TripleHead2Go & three monitors to your gaming system to experience totally immersive Surround Gaming™ like never before. TripleHead2Go is currently compatible with over 325 'pre-configured' game titles and Matrox is committed to adding more titles to this list on an ongoing basis. We continue to work with game developers worldwide to help them optimize their games for TripleHead2Go techonology.

Engine developers – are you interested in adding TripleHead2Go support to your engine's feature-set? Check out our featured game engines page to see how other middleware developers have added turn-key TripleHead2Go support in their game engines.

Featured Games

*For detailed information on the selection criteria for games added to our supported games list, or for more information on Matrox's Surround Gaming Utility, please click here.

  1. For a game to be included in our supported games list, it has to meet the following criteria:
    1. The game supports standard TripleHead resolutions either natively or through editable configuration files or registry entries.
    2. The in-game FOV (Field of View) must be manually adjustable (or automatically adjust) to an appropriate value based on the selected TripleHead resolution.
    3. There are no known graphical anomalies for in-game 3D rendering of 3D scenes when running at TripleHead resolutions.

  2. Certain titles on the supported games list require optimization using Matrox's Surround Gaming Utility (SGU). Other titles are natively compatible with TripleHead2Go and do not require optimization. The SGU specifies these catagories and is available for download in the "Downloads" section of this website.

  3. In certain cases a developer's patch may have enabled TripleHead2Go support following a game's release. Please be sure that your game is up-to-date before attempting to play in TripleHead.

  4. Inclusion on this list requires that in-game 3D rendering is fully supported. Non-3D elements of certain games may appear stretched, zoomed-in or cut-off (this may include intro movies, menu systems and/or in-game 2D UI). Full optimization of non-3D elements is not a requirement; however these items must still remain functional and usable at TripleHead resolutions.
List of known supported games*
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