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Monitoring and sharing an ever-expanding volume of video and data is essential for control room collaboration. Rapid analysis of evolving situations often involves tracking multiple sources on a video wall, where high-quality capture and scaling is important for communicating critical information. Operators also monitor multiple displays at their desks and depend on smooth, high-quality video performance and real-time responsiveness—whether their computer systems are located beside them, or centralized with other equipment in a secure area. Leveraging IP networks to stream and record critical video & data is also becoming more prevalent as control room managers look for more cost-effective methods of AV distribution.

Control rooms around the world rely on Matrox Graphics technology to capture, extend, stream, display, record, switch and manage content required for effective decision making. Matrox products are renowned for reliability, long product life cycles, and dedicated customer support, and are installed in countless process control, dispatch, transportation, air traffic control, and security & surveillance command centers.

Matrox products for control rooms include:

Video Wall capture & display boards

High-quality video capture, processing, and scaling plus intuitive video wall control are key considerations when improving decision-making and response time. Matrox Mura™ MPX video wall controller boards feature the most scalable architecture in the industry as well as universal input channel support. Mura MPX boards can be combined in a single video wall processor to capture and display up to 56 HD inputs—including HDCP sources such as television news and weather, media player content, workstation GPU outputs, and live camera feeds. Mura can also display both local and networked content including web pages and AV-over-IP streams on video walls with up to 56 HD outputs. Matrox TripleHead2Go units can also be connected to Matrox Mura MPX outputs to expand the number of displays.

Several intuitive video wall management software options are available from Matrox and our partners, including Matrox MuraControl™. There is also an SDK for select software developers who want to build new management tools or integrate video wall control into existing automation systems or software.

H.264 encoders & decoders

In order to make the right decisions as quickly as possible, control room operators need easy access to live, high-quality video feeds. Matrox Maevex™ AV-over-IP devices can stream or record Full HD video & audio from remote workstations, laptops, cameras, for just a few examples, taking advantage of the LAN to deliver critical content to the control room.

Control room operators can also use Maevex to capture and share their desktop with individual operators inside or outside the control room and/or stream their desktop to a video wall processor for everyone to see. Maevex high-quality, low-bandwidth H.264 encoding may also be used to capture and record video to network-attached storage for later review.

Multi-display graphics cards

Control room operators typically monitor information across multiple displays—placed at individual operator consoles or on a communal video wall. Using multiple displays helps operators visualize more information and improves communication flow. Matrox multi-display graphics cards ensure reliable, high-quality graphics performance with fanless models available for increased reliability and PowerDesk software to simplify multi-display set-ups.

Combine two Matrox M-Series™ graphics cards to run SCADA and VMS applications across up to 16 displays from one system. Alternatively, Matrox C-Series™ cards—for higher performance and resolutions—support more recent operating systems and software platforms and drive up to six 4K displays from a single-slot board or 12 monitors from a dual-board workstation.

KVM extenders

Control room workstations are often centralized in a secure location at a distance from operators in order to simplify system maintenance. Operators benefit from a reduction of system background noise and heat emissions. Removing workstations from the control room also saves space and allows for easier installation of rise/fall desks. Matrox KVM extenders enable real-time remote control of workstations while reducing cabling complexity and cost by separating the monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals from systems via single fiber-optic cables.

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Matrox Extio™ stands out for its cost-effective quad-display capability and the flexibility to combine units in order to extend operator consoles with up to 16 displays from a single workstation. Matrox Avio™ supports dual-HD or 4K display extension at longer distances, and is ideal for high-performance environments. Its OS-agnostic, plug-and-play setup makes it especially easy to install. Avio is compatible with partner switching solutions enabling operators to access multiple workstations from a single desktop. And interoperability with Matrox Mura MPX-based video walls allows control room operators to harness remote GPGPU processing power and operate the rich graphical outputs of HPC machines, while simultaneously viewing and manipulating the content in real time on a large-scale visualization wall.

External multi-display adapters

One laptop, monitor or projector screen is not always enough. Add two or three displays to your workstation with Matrox DualHead2Go™ or TripleHead2Go™. Leveraging your system’s GPU, Matrox external multi-display adapters (also known as graphics expansion modules or “GXMs”) deliver uncompressed graphics and video across all monitors or projectors, letting operators stretch applications across a larger surface or open up multiple applications at once.

In addition to being combined with a laptop GPU or workstation graphics card such as Matrox C-Series, GXMs can also be combined with other Matrox products. For example, TripleHead2Go can be combined with Avio to add an additional monitor to the local or remote dual-display desktop. Desktops expanded using GXMs can be captured with Matrox Mura MPX boards in order to share multi-display desktops on a video wall. GXMs can also be used on Matrox Mura MPX outputs to increase the size of the video wall.



“La soluzione di video wall di Agelec con Matrox Mura MPX ci permette di monitorare un flusso crescente di video e dati in ingresso in tempo reale, e abbiamo così la possibilità di prendere decisioni informate più velocemente durante gli interventi più critici”.

Didier Margotto, comandante/ responsabile del centro operative per le emergenze presso SDIS 13

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A2A Reti Elettriche Spa

“I nostri operatori hanno apprezzato l’ambiente di lavoro silenzioso mentre da un punto di vista tecnico la soluzione Extio ha dato risposta ad alcuni problemi di manutenzione delle workstation delle postazioni operatore diminuendo il numero d’interventi necessari per garantire il massimo di continuità del servizio.”

Modesto Lauro, System Manager, A2A Reti Elettriche SPA

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Austrian Federal Railways

“Abbiamo ridotto lo stress ambientale degli utenti, ovvero abbiamo ridotto le emissioni di rumore e calore, e aumentato lo spazio di lavoro disponibile eliminando workstation e server locali dalle scrivanie dei dipendenti.”

Eckart Engel, Project Manager, ARGE VLZ

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