Drive all the digital signage in a shopping mall—from one computer

Digital signage is everywhere. From Times Square to suburban shopping malls, consumers are being delivered advertising and informational content on digital screens. There's no doubt it's here to stay, and that installations will become more and more complex. The new Matrox Veos™ multi-channel digital extension solution helps simplify your installation.

Today's digital signage networks need to leave room for expansion of the network itself and the content being driven across it. When planning digital signage, you need to consider extension capabilities and output different content simultaneously across a network of displays. This usually requires many computers and multiple lines of extension. And you also have to think about video signal degradation based on distance of the displays.

Whew, that's a lot to think about. And if you settle for a rigid system with no room for expansion, it could cost you in the long run. That's where Veos comes in.

Low setup costs. Easy installation. Scalable and Flexible.

Imagine wiring signage in an entire shopping mall with multiple channels of content from a single computer–without sacrificing image quality–and being able to expand it as needed. Sound good?

Whether your digital signage requirements are for 1 or 100 displays – Veos offers scalability and flexibility like no other solution available. It allows you by to extend from one point to virtually unlimited points across unlimited distances–all from a single computer with zero image quality loss because it's digital. The result: lower setup costs, easier installation, and the ability to add as many displays to your network as you wish.

For example, consider a digital signage setup in a shopping mall. You might need to have a single channel of content driving digital signage displays located at all your entry and exit points showcasing mall activities and advertising. As your needs expand, Veos allows you to easily grow your network to include more channels of content and more displays.

frame buffer Veos

How Veos drives three different channels of content.

Based on patent-pending Matrox expansion graphics technology, Veos sends out a signal to the computer that it represents one large stretched monitor with a display resolution of 4080x768 (Three channels of 1360x768).

You'll need to use these resolutions to create your signage content for each channel. Push buttons on the Veos Display unit allow you to select specific channels for each display.

So, based on our shopping mall example, you might set it up as follows:

  • Channel 1 displays food court specials at the food court and throughout the mall.
  • Channel 2 displays mall news at entry points and information centers.
  • Channel 3 displays retail store specials at various displays throughout the mall.

All three channels could also support a common theme and/or show relevant daily info such as news, weather, and sports.

More content. Greater distance. Guaranteed.

So, you've learned about how it works inside the box, now it's time to cover how to connect the boxes. Veos is comprised of three components: the Master unit, Display unit, and Repeater unit. The Master unit connects to your display output and transmits digital content over a single coax cable up to 100m to the display or repeater units. Display units have two independent display outputs, and can be daisy-chained, each providing an additional 100m of extension. If you need to branch and expand your digital signage network, you can use the Repeater units to connect and replicate even more…it's virtually unlimited.

Each display output can be either DVI or VGA, and since Veos uses RG6 or RG11 coax cable instead of Cat5 cable, it does not lose signal quality. It's also more cost effective and offers superior bandwidth over competing technologies.

Learn more about Veos today.

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