Matrox Xenia Series at ECR 2010

Medical imaging applications and diagnostic monitors paired with Matrox display controller boards

ECR 2010 exhibitors – including Fujifilm Europe, mediDOK, MCL, Rogan-Delft and Sectra – recognize the flexibility offered by Matrox Xenia Series display controller boards. Providing strong, reliable performance for medical imaging applications, triple digital high-resolution display support (up to 4MP+8MP+8MP digital), and easy installation, Xenia and Xenia Pro boards are an easy choice. Fujifilm Europe chose Matrox Xenia Series boards to drive multiple Synapse PACS workstations at ECR 2010. mediDOK and MCL Medical Computer Line highlighted their PACS software running on Matrox Xenia Series Pro paired with triple NEC displays. Rogan-Delft drew attention with their Zillion PACS workstations using Eizo displays and the Matrox Xenia Pro board. And Sectra presented their RIS/PACS software optimized for mammography running on Matrox Xenia Series.

Demonstrating its broad range compatibility, Matrox Xenia Series was paired with a number of display models and resolutions from several manufacturers including EIZO, NDS, NEC, TOTOKU, and WIDE. EIZO featured dual RadiForce GS521 (5MP grayscale) digital mammography monitors plus a MX210 (2MP color) worklist monitor driven by a single Matrox Xenia Pro display controller board in their booth. NDS showed a Xenia Pro board inside an external box connected to a Dell Notebook powering two Dome E2cHB displays. NEC demonstrated Xenia Series new advanced cloning functionality with two boards replicating two NEC MD213MC (3MP) diagnostic displays on two 46" widescreen LCD monitors. TOTOKU and WIDE highlighted their respective new mammography displays driven by Xenia Pro. Radiology and healthcare IT professionals also recognize the benefits of Xenia Series' forward and backward display compatibility for upgrading and extending the life of their current PACS workstations.

Matrox Partners at ECR 2010

Matrox Partners at ECR 2010

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