QUBYX PerfectLUM Whitepaper Promotes Matrox Xenia Series as a Flexible and Accurate Solution

Nice, France / Montreal, Canada, March 19, 2009—Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of specialized graphics solutions, is pleased to announce that QUBYX has published a white paper entitled "Achieving Medical Industry Display Standards - Using Advanced Display Controller Boards and Empowered Calibration Application Packages for Medical Imaging".

The white paper highlights the flexibility and accuracy of the Matrox Xenia Series technology combined with the QUBYX PerfectLUM calibration application, concluding "All video, graphic and display controller BOARDs with standard eight (8) bit output hardware Look Up Tables (LUTs) provide insufficient table entries to accurately display medical images. Products with ten (10) bit or greater output hardware LUTs achieve the desirable and excellent results."

"Our research shows, that in order to achieve the highest quality image reproduction on computer displays, the entire chain from the computer display subsystem with calibration software and the measurement device to the display needs to be of high quality, and that a hardware-calibrated display will not necessarily provide better results" says Marc Leppla, director of QUBYX.

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) graphic boards have an 8 bit LUT, and the white paper demonstrates the weakness of COTS boards and the strengths of the Matrox Xenia Series display controller boards with higher bit depth LUTs when exploited appropriately.

"Matrox Xenia Series includes a variety of technologies for medical imaging professionals to exploit and enjoy," says George Rigas, business development manager of medical imaging, Matrox Graphics, Inc." Using QUBYX PerfectLUM calibration software with Matrox Xenia Series provides the highest and pristine image quality on displays to accurately visualize."

PerfectLUM software to calibrate and verify medical displays is used for diagnostics or viewing of medical images ranging from biological imaging, medical imaging, radiology, radiological sciences, endoscopy, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, medical photography and microscopy. PerfectLUM calibrates to standards like AAPMTG18, DIN6868, IEC, JESRA, and DICOM.

Matrox Xenia is the first native PCI Express single-slot board with all-digital, triple-monitor output and the flexibility to drive practically any known display configuration. Xenia PRO supports resolutions from under 1MP up to 8MP, with up to 1GB of on-board memory, and features new technology to ensure optimum display calibration (via Matrox DLC™ and 8/10/13-bit gamma LUTs).

QUBYX is a technology contributor to the Medical Imaging and Color Management Industries with various professional Calibration and Visualization solutions since 1996. QUBYX develops software solutions. Our solutions include OSD replacement software, Display Management systems, Color Calibrations and Verification software for the Medical imaging use. QUBYX has an extended knowledge in digital color technologies. Our knowledge extends to handling, calculating, mapping from different color spaces and creating ICC profiles.

For more information, visit or download the whitepaper at

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