Video Wall Products

World-Class Hardware, Software, and SDKs for Any Video Wall Requirement

Building on 40 years of technological innovation and industry-specific expertise, we supply the highest-density per footprint, dynamic system scalability, powerful video processing, intuitive software, and a variety of API and SDK tools—including support for DirectShow®. Discover unprecedented capture, encoding, streaming, decoding, displaying, and control capabilities to match any video wall requirement.

Do more by choosing from, and combining if needed, our interoperable video wall product offerings.

Product families

Matrox D-Series™ Series — HDMI® and DisplayPort™ graphics cards
The powerful D-Series multi-monitor graphics cards can drive up to four 4Kp60 displays or projectors. Designed and built to ensure excellent reliability, stability, and ease of deployment, the D-Series quad-monitor PCI Express® x16 boards are ideal to power video walls in commercial as well as critical 24/7 environments, and a wide range of professional video wall applications.

Matrox QuadHead2Go™ Series — Multi-monitor controller appliances and cards
Power any video wall configuration of any size from any video source with complete scalability and flexibility. Drive a single DisplayPort or HDMI video source across quad, triple, or dual displays, in classic rectangular 2x2, 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 1x2, 1x3, or 1x4, or a variety of other artistic configurations. Each QuadHead2Go appliance or card can drive up to four pristine quality Full HD displays from a single 4Kp60 video at Full RGB 8:8:8 and YUV 4:4:4 color support.

Matrox Mura IPX Series — Capture, encode, and decode cards
Deliver multiple HDMI®, DisplayPort™, or SDI captures and multi-channel IP encode/decode—supporting class-leading YUV 4:4:4 and RGB 8:8:8—all from a single card. This series has the highest encode and decode density of high-quality AV-over-IP and provides flexible 4K streaming and recording options.

Matrox Mura MPX Series — Capture and display cards
Capture and display up to 8 Full HD channels on a single card, while offering HDCP support, universal input channels, and multi-board scalability for stable, reliable, HD video wall technology.

Matrox C-Series — Multi-display graphics cards
Choose our award-winning graphics cards to drive up to six 4K/UHD or nine Full HD displays with a single card. Create 2x2, 3x2 or 3x3 video walls, or pair two cards together to power as many as 18 synchronized displays with the board-to-board frame lock feature. C-Series ensures high reliability, ease of deployment, and simple integration.

Matrox Multiviewers — Decode and display cards
Monitor, preview, or review multiple Full HD and 4K streams on ultra-high-definition, single-card-powered multiviewers featuring industry-leading, high-quality, high-density IP decode and display.

Matrox PowerWall — Video wall management software
Included with the Matrox QuadHead2Go Series multi-monitor controllers, the Matrox PowerWall software offers an intuitive and feature-rich interface to effortlessly configure the latest emerging, artistic, and innovative video walls.

Matrox MuraControl — Video wall management software
Control sources and content on an easy-to-use interface to intuitively create and manage any video wall layout. Matrox video wall products also include APIs for a wide range of control options for OEMs to build custom interfaces and/or video wall applications.