Bus interface PCIe x16
Dimensions PCIe ATX short form factor (16.32cm x 11.13cm) (6.425" x 4.38")
Weight Approximately 0.165 Kg (0.36 pounds)
Frame buffer memory 128MB of high speed memory
Display configurations Output 1:
  • DVI-I connector
  • Dual-Link DVI, Single-Link DVI or RGB 50 Ohm
  • Resolutions: 2048x2048 and 2560 x 1600
Output 2:
  • DVI-I connector
  • Analog RGB 75 Ohm (DVI to HD15 adaptor included)
  • Max. resolution: 1920 x 1200
Signaling PCIe Version 1.1

Pixel Modes

8-bit PseudoColor (256 colors)
16-bit color (64K colors)
24-bit color (16M colors)
24-bit color + 8-bit PseudoColor overlay
VGA Post on primary, secondary or both (clone)
High-resolution post on fixed resolution displays
EMI certifications FCC Class A
Environmental Operating temperature from 0 to 55 degrees Celsius
Atmospheric Operating pressure from about 650 to 1013 hPa
Humidity Operating humidity from 20% to 80%, non-condensing
OS support Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional 32-bit, Linux, Solaris x86, Solaris SPARC, HP-UX 11, please contact Matrox for other operating environments
MTBF >200,000 hours
(25 degrees Celsius ground benign)
Active cooling with fail-safe fan controller
Part Number ATC-4MP-EXF