Matrox Avio Delivers an Uncompromised User Experience in High-Performance Environments

There are various reasons why IT and AV integrators are keeping computer systems away from user environments more and more: Equipment security, centralization of assets, ease of maintenance, or simply to improve work conditions. As a result, KVM extenders have become key components within several industries, including AV, broadcast & post-production, military & defense, process control, transportation, and 3D visualization to name a few. With graphics cards pumping out more pixels at faster rates, it's important to select an extension solution that is able to keep up and deliver uncompromised performance.


Fiber optics—a super-wide highway

Fiber-optic cabling compares favorably to CatX cabling in many ways, boasting first and foremost greater bandwidth, which can be thought of as the amount of lanes on a given road. The more lanes, the more cars get through. Substituting data for cars, a smoother workflow ensues. Matrox Avio KVM fiber-optic extenders stand out by maximizing available bandwidth and transmitting with zero compression two HD video signals, along with keyboard, mouse, analog audio, and USB over a single duplex-LC-LC fiber-optic cable. A single-cable solution, it reduces the total amount of fiber-optic cable required and results in considerable cost savings for long-distance deployments.

Uncompromised performance

Other means of extending data exist, including over IP networks, but these generally require compression/decompression which can introduce latency or artifacts. When performance matters, Avio is the ideal solution—its uncompressed transmission ensures that what you send is what you get with zero latency, providing users with real-time access to data for timely decision-making. For example, high-performance KVM extenders are must-haves for military training purposes and for recruits using graphics-intensive flight-combat-simulation programs.

Alternatively, you can present and even manipulate 3D seismic models of oil reservoirs at full frame rates in a conference room, with the powerful HPC (High Performance Computing) system stored securely hundreds of meters away. Meanwhile, in regard to broadcast and post-production, smooth video playback without any dropped fames or mouse latency will have just as positive of an impact on the creative workflow.


Security comes first

In many environments, system security is ensured through the centralization of multiple workstations, but fiber-optic cabling represents a security precaution in itself. This is due to a high resistance to electromagnetic interference and tapping. Furthermore, Avio F120 is ideal for setups on which critical information is viewed or processed. The receivers' USB-HID ports keep users from uploading dangerous files or extracting sensitive information via USB flash drives.

Featuring an incredible degree of versatility, a system-agnostic design, and compatibility with any OS, Avio's impeccable performance under pressure makes a difference when and where it matters most.

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