Image is everything

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre depends on Matrox display controller boards for accurate images

Matrox speaks with Andrew Volkening, PACS Administrator for the Department of Medical Imaging at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. As PACS administrator, Andrew ensures system up-time for 118 PACS stations which are all equipped with Matrox display controller boards and secures clinician access to patient images from any of the stations deployed to various departments. Andrew is also responsible for equipping clinical workstations with the appropriate software tools, including Agfa IMPAX for image processing and diagnostic purposes, which has 400 active users at Sunnybrook (including 30 full-time radiologists and a few ER doctors) as well as Agfa's web client application WEB 1000 for reviewing purposes which has 2500 active users.


Picture perfect

They say a picture paints a thousand words. In medical imaging, pristine images can reveal a person's history, current state and possible future. The clearer the image, the clearer a patient's diagnosis and ultimately, treatment.

Radiology reading rooms depend on accurate images to properly diagnose and treat patients. "Accurate images equal better patient care," says Andrew. Image fidelity and speed are the two most important aspects radiologists look for in an imaging workstation, and are two of the reasons why Sunnybrook chose Matrox boards to drive their first PACS stations back in 1998. Now that Matrox has developed a dedicated medical imaging solution, Sunnybrook continues to choose Matrox.

"Our radiology staff at Sunnybrook examined various images from different systems using various display controller boards, and found the Matrox boards offered the highest quality images and performance," says Andrew. "What was clearly visible on the Matrox boards was not so on the other graphics solutions offered, and our radiologists found the image quality was best on Matrox and insisted on continuing to use Matrox. We then bought the best Dell PC and replaced any graphics card that was included with a Matrox board we bought separately."


When asked what Andrew looks for in the equipment he evaluates, installs and supports he stressed manageability as paramount. At Sunnybrook, radiologist stations typically have three displays (color landscape work list or Navigation Console (NC) plus two portrait imaging displays); the NC is at most 2 MP, whereas the imaging displays can be 2 MP or 3 MP. "Repeatable and customizable user settings is consistent with Matrox solutions, unlike other solutions we've evaluated in the past."

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre located in Toronto, Ontario has been teaching some of Canada's best physicians, researchers, nurses and other healthcare professionals for more than 30 years, and is committed to discovering new treatments, ensuring the health and safety of its patients and teaching current and future healthcare leaders. Its commitment to women's health and the care of veterans continues to be a priority and it has defined strategic programs in cancer, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, perinatal and gynecology, neurosciences, aging and population health, trauma and critical care.

Matrox display controller boards for medical imaging

Matrox MED™, RAD™, TheatreVUE™ and AuroraVX™ Series display controller boards are designed specifically for medical imaging professionals, to deliver accurate, high-fidelity images across multiple displays in a variety of configurations for diagnosis and review. Smooth and flicker-free window/level, zoom, pan and cineloop functions used in medical imaging, along with long life-cycles and stability are all features of Matrox's display controller boards.

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