The Ultimate Driving Experience

SimBin brings sensation of speed to RaceRoom with extra-wide screen resolution of Matrox TripleHead2Go.

"The result is simply stunning", says Marcus Bodin, CEO of SimBin Distribution AB. "The TripleHead2Go setup gives you a lifelike view of the cockpit, and the extra screen space really makes you feel more speed when you're playing. The sensation is amazing and customers love it".

The Company

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Famous in the gaming industry for critically acclaimed motor sports games such as GTR, GTR 2, GT Legends, RACE, and their latest title RACE 07 – The WTCC Game, SimBin is taking the racing game experience to the next level with their RaceRoom concept. Developed by SimBin Distribution AB, a subsidiary of SimBin Studios AB, RaceRoom is a franchise turnkey solution for simulator centers and event venues that wish to add new games to their existing business. To help their customers draw crowds, SimBin is committed to supplying established RaceRooms with new and exciting game titles on a yearly basis, ensuring companies investing in the solution won‘t resemble the old arcade halls where the machines are collecting dust after a year or two as the software grows old.

The Challenge

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In their commitment to continuously improve their RaceRoom offering, SimBin was looking for an innovative enhancement. They specifically wanted to add the feeling of speed in their games. With customers always demanding the latest and greatest high tech products, they needed to avoid anything that would create the "been there, done that" response, and instead develop something that would exceed players' expectations.

The Solution


They found what they were looking for at the Dustin Expo 2007, where Matrox was actually using one of their games (the GTR2) to demonstrate the TripleHead2Go Graphics eXpansion Module.

When the SimBin team witnessed the enthrallment generated by the TripleHead2Go setup, they knew that this is what the RaceRooms needed. They had been looking at bigger displays and widescreen options, but found that details were much clearer at a 3840 x 1024 resolution. They also liked how the TripleHead2Go configuration offered more realism—the view of the cockpit from the car was more authentic, with the mirrors on the outside monitors and the center monitor free to focus entirely on the track.

The Result

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SimBin incorporated 12 TripleHead2Go Digital Edition units in the CarGel RaceRoom in Stockholm, which opened to the public in December 2007. The reaction was awesome, and SimBin expects to sell a lot more TripleHead2Go setups. The wow factor hasn't been limited to regular players; real race drivers have reported the TripleHead2Go RaceRoom setup to be the closest experience to the real thing they‘ve ever tested.

With visitors so impressed, it's no wonder the SimBin RaceRoom with Matrox TripleHead2Go has already become the leading sim racing activity in Sweden.

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November 2008 - New RaceRoom with TripleHead2Go at Strandgatan 2 in Linköping

December 2008 - New RaceRoom with TripleHead2Go at Lugnets Äventyr AB in Falun

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