Matrox Extio F1420 - Revolutionizing the Digital Audio Workflow

Digital technology has revolutionized the way audio professionals approach music creation by centralizing the audio workflow to a computer-controlled system. Today, it is the rule rather than the exception to find professionals and engineers working on Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and utilizing audio software programs for the virtual mixing, editing, recording and playback of their music. Now, Matrox is looking to take the digital audio experience to the next level by introducing the Matrox Extio F1420, the world's first external graphics unit designed to deliver remote multi-display graphics capabilities for sound creation environments.


What is Remote Graphics Unit technology?

Leveraging 30 years of multi-display graphics leadership, Matrox has developed a new technology called Remote Graphics Unit (RGU). Its unique architecture permits user interface devices to connect to an external multi-display unit - the RGU - which can be separated from the host PC by distances of up to 820 feet (250 meters) over fiber optic cable.


Why audio environments?

The Extio F1420 provides multi-display graphics, extension capability, connectivity and design features that are currently unique to the market. The advantages for audio professionals are numerous and make the Extio F1420 a perfect fit for any audio creation environment. Here's why:

Expanding desktop real estate

The Extio F1420 offers the unique ability to attach up to four digital or analog monitors to the RGU unit to create maximum onscreen desktop real estate. This four-monitor workspace is essential for producers, engineers and any audio professional operating audio editing applications as the numerous editing windows can consume a single, double or even triple-monitor space quite quickly. Audio professionals using an application like Steinberg Nuendo for example, can open up and extend multiple tracks across three displays, while reserving the fourth for the mixing console and various editing windows.


Remote extension for a quiet work environment

If there were ever an environment that required absolute silence for sound-sensitive projects, it would be for DAWs. Thus, the Extio F1420's extension capability allows the potentially noisy PC to be relocated to a different room by distances of up to 820 feet (250 meters). This extension technology is made possible by a fiber optic connectivity that links the RGU unit to a PCI interface card located in the host PC. And, if there is a concern about noise coming from the RGU unit itself, rest assured that this unit is indeed a true silent solution, as it relies on passive rather than fan cooling.


A single cable for a simple setup

Although the Extio F1420 offers a whole host of connectivity options - as explained in further detail in the following paragraph - all of these peripherals stay connected locally to the RGU. This means that the fiber optic extension cable being routed between the Extio F1420 and the PC is the only cable being connected between the two systems. With other technologies, like KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) extenders for example, additional extension cables may be required for each working monitor and accompanying peripherals and devices, making for a complicated and messy integration.

RGU equipped with loads of connectivity options

Audio professionals looking to incorporate audio hardware alongside their DAW should feel secure that the Extio 1420 is outfitted to handle these additional demands as it provides an optical connector for digital audio output, and analog audio connectors for a microphone input, line input and line output. Six USB connectors are also available for items such as an external hard drive and CD/DVD drive/burners, while also permitting the connectivity of standard user interface peripherals such as a mouse and keyboard. Finally, this particular RGU unit is outfitted with 2 IEEE 1394 ports for FireWire compatible audio/MIDI interface devices such as the M-Audio's FireWire 410 mobile recording device.

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Sleek space saving design

Another remarkable thing about the Extio F1420 is its thin design. This bodes well for audio professionals and engineers who are concerned about limited desktop or studio space. Fortunately, the Extio F1420's sleek design can fit in seamlessly into any audio environment, either having it placed on the actual desktop or mounting it on a wall.

extio extio

The Extio F1420 in-sync with audio editing environments

The Matrox Extio F1420 was built to enhance the audio computing experience by providing a never-before-seen technology highlighted by a unique combination of graphics, extension, silent and design technology. These key features will improve workflow, make editing more intuitive and boost audio editing productivity like you - or your digital audio workstation - have never experienced before.

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